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Gouttes d'un Sang Etranger (Drops of Foreign Blood)

Music: Felicity Wilcox/Marin Marais
Visual Design and Images: Natasha Dusenjko and Felicity Wilcox
Text: Felicity Wilcox.   
Script consultant: Helen Pitcher

Freya Schack-Arnott-Cello
Jason Noble-Clarinets
Felicity Wilcox-Spoken word


Gouttes d'un sang Etranger (Drops of Foreign Blood) is an immersive multimedia work by Australian composer Felicity Wilcox that offers an alternative concert experience. Originally composed for saxophone and viola da gamba, this version for clarinet and cello features two of Sydney's most talented performers, Freya Schack-Arnott and Jason Noble.  The music contains echoes of a French Suite by Marin Marais, viol virtuoso of the court of Louis XIV. Wilcox reframes this hauntingly beautiful early Baroque work in a modern setting that blends 21st century musical gesture, English and French text, and electronic atmospheres.

The image layer, created by Melbourne artist Natasha Dusenjko in collaboration with the composer, blends treated still images of old family portraits with video shot on location in France's Rhone Valley and Sydney Harbour. Through its intimately personal perspective, this multilayered work explores universal and highly politicised themes of migration, dislocation, belonging and identity.

Please note: this event features images of deceased persons.

Ticket price: $40  (includes complimentary glass of wine) 

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Artwork by Natasha Dusenjko

Artwork by Natasha Dusenjko

Earlier Event: 19 May
Later Event: 6 October